Friday, 29 July 2011

Gyoza King

We went to get waffles at Michi waffles on Robson around 11:10 at night.. We try to make it before closing time but then traffic was huge on Main St. so we couldn't make it... (NOOOO :( ) After driving for about 30 minutes trying to figure out where we should go for dessert, we ended up going to Gyoza King on Robson..and realized that they don't have desserts but some of us felt hungry so we just settled down at GK.

Gyoza King is really small and there are around 10 seats where you have to take your shoes off and sit down on the floor. 
When I came here last time with my boyfriend (1.5 years ago?), my boyfriend left his flip flops where all the shoes were and when we were getting ready to leave we couldn't find his flip flops... Instead, we found a pair of broken flip flops that didn't belong to anyone in the restaurant.  Some drunk guy purposely took my boyfriend's flip flop and left his dirty broken ones :( We bussed there, so we were so shocked and didn't know how to get home with one shoe.. We ended up asking the waitress for some tape and taped up the broken flip flops and somehow made it home.  I don't think I've been back since

But we decided to try it out once again despite previous bad experience.  I've realized that the menu changed from izakaya style to dinner sized meals. 

I ordered cassis with orange juice.  I first tried cassis with orange juice in Japan (I had no clue what it was) and fell in love with it. Crème de cassis is sweet liqueur made from blackcurrants.  I was so happy that the Japanese izakayas in Vancouver carry this because I order most of the time at any izakayas.  There's ginger ale in the background

Kimchi Miso Ramen

The soup wasn't very rich but I personally liked it.  The girl who ordered this didn't because she prefers richer soup!  I guess that's how Japanese ramen is usually served.  I think this was around $8

goma-negitoro with nori

tuna served in 3 different ways

My boyfriend didn't like this one too much.. I guess there was nothing special about it.

negitoro don

This was $8 and you can also get a mini size for $5

This dish was decent. There was too much rice compared to negitoro.  I had a bowl of rice lef after I finished the negitoro..  I loved the presentation of the dish and the fish was fresh and tasted good overall.



I would assume that the gyoza is the best thing on the menu because.. well this place is called GYOZA KING, but sadly, it's not.  I was really disappointd by their gyoza :( The guy who ordered this even said that it tastes just like the 'all you can eat' gyoza which is definitely NOT a good thing.

No one took our shoes this time but I wasn't very impressed by the food.  It's okay but not great.  Maybe our standards were too high?

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  1. No wonder why Guu is way more popular than Gyoza King!