Thursday, 28 July 2011

Kami Japanese Restaurant

Kami Japanese Restaurant is located in the South Surrey area and it's owned by a Korean family (?).  The restaurant looked quite big when I walked in because of the rooms on the side but when I looked around.. the rooms were tiny!!! Also the high ceiling really makes the restaurant look 5x bigger than it actually is.  I think it had a pretty fancy atmosphere despite the fact that it's a Japanese restaurant. 

I really liked their soy sauce bottle.  Very unique!

My brother ordered the spicy combo (?)

spicy tuna- I love how they put a lot of tuna in the roll!!!
salmon sashimi with spicy sauce - I've never seen sashimi served this way
kappa roll- good old kappa roll

The quality of the fish was pretty good.  It wasn't fishy and it tasted fresh. I can't recall the price of this dish... I think it was around $9?

My brother and I decided to share the spicy roll

This was just a mini dynamite roll with spicy salmon on top... it was expensive despite what's actually inside... I think it was around $12

I ordered tempura udon

I liked the bowl.. and the large spoon..
The soup was pretty good but I didn't like how there were so much tempura flakes in the soup. It became super oily very quickly (as you can see in the photo) and the distict soup flavour disappeared and just tasted like grease in the end.  $9

Tempura was made well. Very crispy.

Overall, I think it was a good meal but expensive... we paid about $44 for 3 dishes and I am not quite sure if it was worth $44.  

After dinner I went to starbucks to my friends I haven't seen for awhile..and it was my first time driving alone! (YAY!) The weather has been pretty capricious in Vancouver and it rained like crazy on this day...

rain rain go away :(!!

We stayed until closing time and managed to get free cookies :) yay!!

I think there are a lot of awesome restaurants in South Surrey/ White Rock area and I am hoping to venture out a bit more. 

Anyways, thanks for reading and I hope we get to see the sun pretty soon :)
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