Friday, 21 September 2012

Come to Korea with me - 2

The weather has cooled down around the time I arrived in Korea so it was around 28 degrees but I still thought that it was extremely hot due to the humidity and also because I am used to living in cooler weather.  It was definitely not easy coping with the weather and it made me realized that I tend to become really impatient and frustrated when the weather gets too hot... (stay away!)  Good thing air conditioner exists almost everywhere in Korea but apparently last year because air conditioner was on max, the power source of the city was turned off.  After that incident, people are trying to save energy but providing less air conditioner in public places such as the subway stations.

 I decided to go to Insadong on this day to visit my uncle who has a clothing store on the main street and also to experience Korea culture.  Even though I was born in Korea, I always find traditional things interesting and Insadong is a perfect tourist place to come if you want to buy/ eat and experience Korea traditional culture.

 There was a Samul nori performance at the entrance. Samul nori is a genre of Korea traditional percussion music

 random vendor

My uncle, aunt and cousin went to grab lunch and I think this was my first and last naeng myeon of the trip.   I personally am not a big fan of these noodles because they are hard to chew.  The noodles are usually made from flour and starch of various ingredients such as potatoes, sweet potatoes or buckwheat.  When I do order naeng myeon, I order the spicy version of it like the one in the photo.  You can also order a non-spicy version and it is served in a cold soup.  (naeng myeon is always served cold)