Sunday, 24 February 2013

Snow & Donuts

 I try to make the best out of my weekends to explore the city so every weekend I've been visiting museums, finding famous dining locations and going to festivals.  I mean.. might as well right?  I am only here for 3 months. 

This weekend, my friend and I decided to find this popular donut shop near St. Henri station.  When we got off at the station, the area seemed really sketch and deserted.  I think the snow kind of made the experience though.  With the old buildings and trees everywhere, it looked like a scene from a movie. 

I did bring a scarf with me but it got too warm so I took it off.  It looks super cold but surprisingly, it wasn't too cold on this day.   I am so glad I got this jacket before I came to Montreal.  It's from TNA but I found it at a consignment store on Main St. for half price off.   I got my snowboots on my first day here in Montreal because my toes were dying from the -40 weather. I seriously thought I lost them. I miss wearing my suede heels and flats... but I have a feeling that it's going to be snowing till the end of March.

After about 10 minutes of walk from the station and playing in the snow, we found the donut place called Léché Desserts.  

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Banana bread

I made some banana bread the other day. When you have overripe bananas, just  freeze it and use it later when you have time.  I prefer to mash it first and then freeze it so you don't have to deal with peeling overripe frozen bananas later on.  (Excuse my gum cases on the left)

Saturday, 16 February 2013 ne parle pas francais

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I love it when it's sunny outside on the weekend because I don't have to be stuck in the office till the sun goes down and I get the chance to just roam around aimlessly around the city finding secret jewels here and  there.  Also, I can sleep late for no reason.  It's been sunny every single weekend so far, so I've been going outside to explore the city a little every weekend.  I am mostly around Mcgill/ Concordia area on St.Catherines, and it's mostly shops around that area.  There are some popular restaurants such as Kazu which... I am really hoping to visit soon and also this dessert place called cacao 70.  It seems like old port is always a good place to visit and I would like to get to know the plateau better.

Several things I noticed about the city:

-People smoke a lot
-men dress well
-extreme quebecois aren't very polite when you ask a question in english on the streets (derp). I didn't even know how to say " I don't speak French" before I came here but now I can just tell them.. "Je ne parle pas francais" .. woot!
-They definitely know how to have fun (I went to the igloofest and I saw this person dancing alone.  " I don't give a shit as long as I am enjoying myself" attitude)
-music and art everywhere
-oui is pronounced as a nasally"WEH" 
-People don't know what nanaimo bars are... (say what..? I guess it's a BC thing)

I am sure I will run into things that are very "Quebecois"again before my departure.  It's like a complete different country over here. 

Anyway, moving on to my overdue photos.

mmmm Yummy cupcakes
This place is located right beside the Notre Dame cathedral.

Friday, 15 February 2013

New City

Wow.  It's already been 3 weeks since my arrival in Montreal.  The first week in Montreal was unbelievably cold and I didn't even want to leave my room.  It's warmed a little bit (even though it's still around -10) and I got more chance to walk around centre ville.  Montreal is such a gorgeous city with old buildings and art work everywhere in the city.  It's exciting to find an artwork on a street or at the metro station while randomly roaming around the city.

I am so behind on uploading photos, so this weekend I plan to upload everything I have so far.  First up is Quebec city.  My mom came to Montreal with me for the first 10 days so we rented a car and went to Quebec city on our first weekend here.  The first thing I realized upon my arrival is that I need to learn french.  I don't know any french.. so that's definitely on my list to-do.

First up in Quebec city was the Montmorency falls. It was FREEZING on this weekend.  I think it was around -30.  If you look at my photos, you can see that I am wearing 1000000000x layer of clothes.  I put on a beanie right after taking the photos because my ears were about to fall off.

 It was a sunny day but still freaking cold..