Friday, 15 February 2013

New City

Wow.  It's already been 3 weeks since my arrival in Montreal.  The first week in Montreal was unbelievably cold and I didn't even want to leave my room.  It's warmed a little bit (even though it's still around -10) and I got more chance to walk around centre ville.  Montreal is such a gorgeous city with old buildings and art work everywhere in the city.  It's exciting to find an artwork on a street or at the metro station while randomly roaming around the city.

I am so behind on uploading photos, so this weekend I plan to upload everything I have so far.  First up is Quebec city.  My mom came to Montreal with me for the first 10 days so we rented a car and went to Quebec city on our first weekend here.  The first thing I realized upon my arrival is that I need to learn french.  I don't know any french.. so that's definitely on my list to-do.

First up in Quebec city was the Montmorency falls. It was FREEZING on this weekend.  I think it was around -30.  If you look at my photos, you can see that I am wearing 1000000000x layer of clothes.  I put on a beanie right after taking the photos because my ears were about to fall off.

 It was a sunny day but still freaking cold..

 Half frozen waterfall 

All I could think of after seeing this was... nature is incredible XD  I've seen some photos of people ice rock climbing on this waterfall... I think I would be too scared to try it. 

@ hotel de glace

Hug me back, bear

 Notre Dame de Québec

The Château Frontenac

Grand hotel on top of the hills.  It was designated as a National Historic Site of Canada and apparently Winston Churchill, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and Mackenzie King discussed strategy for World War II in this hotel. 

 Quebec City is gorgeous during night time.  It's like mini Europe.

 La fondue au fromage
and.. then near the end of the night, I ran into this

Unfortunately, it was vandalized on the cathedral wall.  Good message, but maybe on a different wall next time buddy :(...

I was walking on St. Catherines last weekend and on a gorgeous day.  Not too cold and sunny.  I thought to myself that I could actually see myself living here (if the winter isn't TOO cold). The city is full of art and music.  They have a lot of outdoor jazz festivals during the summer which I won't be here for.. :( Maybe moving to Montreal permanently is a possibility in the future.  I also booked my bus tickets to Toronto and New York the other day.  My friend Adriana is visiting me in Montreal and we're going to NYC which I am very excited for.

I am going to be posting more food photos and I am going to start researching some recipes so I can eat something more exciting for my lunch.  ALSO,  since I am all settled in and used to my daily 9-5 schedule, I will be putting up Montreal posts more frequently.  While you wait for those... try listening to this 


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