Saturday, 16 February 2013 ne parle pas francais

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I love it when it's sunny outside on the weekend because I don't have to be stuck in the office till the sun goes down and I get the chance to just roam around aimlessly around the city finding secret jewels here and  there.  Also, I can sleep late for no reason.  It's been sunny every single weekend so far, so I've been going outside to explore the city a little every weekend.  I am mostly around Mcgill/ Concordia area on St.Catherines, and it's mostly shops around that area.  There are some popular restaurants such as Kazu which... I am really hoping to visit soon and also this dessert place called cacao 70.  It seems like old port is always a good place to visit and I would like to get to know the plateau better.

Several things I noticed about the city:

-People smoke a lot
-men dress well
-extreme quebecois aren't very polite when you ask a question in english on the streets (derp). I didn't even know how to say " I don't speak French" before I came here but now I can just tell them.. "Je ne parle pas francais" .. woot!
-They definitely know how to have fun (I went to the igloofest and I saw this person dancing alone.  " I don't give a shit as long as I am enjoying myself" attitude)
-music and art everywhere
-oui is pronounced as a nasally"WEH" 
-People don't know what nanaimo bars are... (say what..? I guess it's a BC thing)

I am sure I will run into things that are very "Quebecois"again before my departure.  It's like a complete different country over here. 

Anyway, moving on to my overdue photos.

mmmm Yummy cupcakes
This place is located right beside the Notre Dame cathedral.

We had to pay $5 each to get in here.... Lovely interior but I don't know if it was worth $5.  You can visit the cathedral for free during their services on Sundays.  I think I'll come back on one of the Sundays so I can listen to the choir and organs as well.


One of my favourite place is Place des arts.  It has all sorts of cool street arts. 

Complex Desjardins. 

mmmm. Chocolat

These arches were located near Place des arts and when you walk underneath them, it makes musical sounds and lights up.

The famous Schwartz. 

This place... hmmm. It was good but not GREAT to the point where I would line up in the cold for 30 minutes.  I passed by it today around lunch time and the line up was HUGE.  If you plan to go.. try going on weekdays.  I am sure with the long history, it's worth visiting once if you are in MTL. Oh yes, they are also planning to create a musical on Schwartz.  I wonder how that will turn out!

@ the Place des Arts station.

This art piece is called "L'histoire de la musique à Montréal".  I am assuming that it represents the Music history of Montreal :p

I had salmon bagel with vegetable soup at place des art and cup of a hot tea.  It was a very needed lunch since it was super cold outside.  The salmon could've had more salt on it though.  My plan on this day was to visit the Contemporary art museum and lucky me, it was attached to Place des art so I didn't have to walk outside again.  Unfortunately, photography wasn't allowed inside.

There are a couple of famous bagel places in Mtl.  I am not a huge fan of bagels but since it's a MTL thing.. I am planning to should try it out.  The plan for tomorrow is to visit the fine art museum and also the museum of architecture!  I also bought Christmas lights to decorate my room a little at this store by Notre Dame that sell Christmas stuff all year along. 

I think I am slowly falling in love with this freaking cold city :).

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XO Rei


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