Friday, 29 March 2013

Vancouverites in T dot

I've been to Toronto a couple of times but it was in elementary school & high school and I don't have much recollection of the city at all.  I do remember it being big and dirtier compared to Vancouver but as a girl who loves big cities, this notion made me have an image of Toronto as an awesmoe city.  My  recent trip did not disappoint me and it sure made Vancouver seem like tiny.  In Toronto, I met up with one of my best friend Adriana who flew in from Vancouver who came back to Montreal with me after the trip.

Girl with a huge green bow in her hair.   
We were there during the St. Patrick's weekend and we got the chance to see the parade.  The parade itself wasn't too exciting but I did really enjoy the festiveness of it.

Desserts at Mocoro chocolate in Yorkville

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Peanut butter banana chocolate chip cookies

I've been sick for awhile now so I thought it would be better to do something productive while resting at home.  So, I decided to collect a bunch of recipes to slowly work my way through them.  I found some amazing cooking blogs on bloglovin and I am excited to try making different things from different blogs.  I really want to try baking more and get familiar with different baking techniques.  For example, I would like to perfect meringues and macarons and try making desserts with mascarpone and ricotta cheese in them. OH! ALSO making some avocado chocolate pudding.  I've been obsessed with avocado these days! The combination of chocolate and avocado sounds odd but I think it will taste amazing. 

Anyway, for this weekend I decided to make something quick with the ingredients I had.  I wanted to pick between red velvet chocolate chip cookies and peanut butter banana chocolate chip cookies.  I went with peanut butter banana chocolate chip cookies after asking a lot of people (because I can't never make up my mind when it comes to food) and I had most of the ingredients to make them.  

Some of the ingredients