Friday, 29 March 2013

Vancouverites in T dot

I've been to Toronto a couple of times but it was in elementary school & high school and I don't have much recollection of the city at all.  I do remember it being big and dirtier compared to Vancouver but as a girl who loves big cities, this notion made me have an image of Toronto as an awesmoe city.  My  recent trip did not disappoint me and it sure made Vancouver seem like tiny.  In Toronto, I met up with one of my best friend Adriana who flew in from Vancouver who came back to Montreal with me after the trip.

Girl with a huge green bow in her hair.   
We were there during the St. Patrick's weekend and we got the chance to see the parade.  The parade itself wasn't too exciting but I did really enjoy the festiveness of it.

Desserts at Mocoro chocolate in Yorkville

@ the Queen Mother Cafe on Queen st. 

Ping Gai @ the Queen Mother Cafe on Queen street.

My friend told me that this is a place I must stop by in Toronto and I am glad I did. It was one of the best dishes I ate in the east coast so far! I highly recommend it

I can't recall what this dish was called but it was good as well but not as memorable as the ping gai.

When I saw this, I half screamed and stopped and stared for a while... I REALLY WANT THESE.  Fin and Jake for sure.  They are approximately $9 each.  I am hoping that I will be able to find them in NYC. 

@ Kensington Market

I wore my mint green pants for St. Patties... but they don't look so green :(

@ Kensington Market

on Queen street.
it said hug me, so we did. 

We also had our friend Stevo with us so he was our photographer for the day :)

I love museums and I make sure I drop by at least a couple of museums when I am in a new city.  We didn't have time to go to more than one but AGO was enough for a 3 day trip.  It took us around 2 hours to briefly look at all the exhibitions.  

Monet <3 Impressionist paintings are one of my favourites.  I remember in elementary school we had to paint a famous painter's painting and I drew Picasso's Old guitarist, The Red armchair and Monet's Bridge over a pond of lilies.  I am sure I still have these hidden somewhere in my garage..

Inside AGO, there is an area with a gorgeous view of the city.  Luckily, the weather was amazing this day which made our exploration a lot easier and more pleasant.  I thought it was fitting to take a smily photo with the CN tower in the background : )

Overall, it was a worthwhile trip even though it was short.  My friends and I stopped by this pub near OCAD but we didn't go to a pub on St. Patrick's.  I think we were too worn out from all the walking.

 I actually just arrived in New York not long ago for Easter weekend and I am in Starbucks waiting for my friends to arrive so this post is super overdue.  Adriana and I were on a 10 hour bus drive (woohoo) with approximately 2 hours spent at the border.  Despite the long drive and lack of sleep, the weather is gorgeous and even though I've only seen 10 blocks of this city, I know I am going to love it!

I forgot my camera usb so I won't be able to post photos right away but I will try to do so as soon as I can when I get back to Montreal.

Rei XO


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