Saturday, 9 March 2013

Peanut butter banana chocolate chip cookies

I've been sick for awhile now so I thought it would be better to do something productive while resting at home.  So, I decided to collect a bunch of recipes to slowly work my way through them.  I found some amazing cooking blogs on bloglovin and I am excited to try making different things from different blogs.  I really want to try baking more and get familiar with different baking techniques.  For example, I would like to perfect meringues and macarons and try making desserts with mascarpone and ricotta cheese in them. OH! ALSO making some avocado chocolate pudding.  I've been obsessed with avocado these days! The combination of chocolate and avocado sounds odd but I think it will taste amazing. 

Anyway, for this weekend I decided to make something quick with the ingredients I had.  I wanted to pick between red velvet chocolate chip cookies and peanut butter banana chocolate chip cookies.  I went with peanut butter banana chocolate chip cookies after asking a lot of people (because I can't never make up my mind when it comes to food) and I had most of the ingredients to make them.  

Some of the ingredients

The recipe is great and it's super easy to make but mine didn't go as well as I hoped.  I used organic peanut butter and I found that the peanut buttery flavour was definitely lacking.  I would have to adjust the recipe somehow to make the flavour pop out more or.. use processed peanut butter.  Also, my cookies had more of a bread consistency than a cookie!  It was soft and yummy but it rose up more than I expected.  Maybe I should put less baking soda next time.  I will find the source of the problem over time and let you guys know.  Despite its flaws, it was still pretty good. 

I think being at home, not doing much in order to get better is making me think of random things.  The resting is putting random thoughts into my head which is great time to time but it sometimes drives me to places where I prefer not to be.  Traveling is one of them. I love traveling and I truly believe that it is good for the soul.  It opens your eyes up to things you never thought of and you meet great people that can teach you so many things.  You also end up meeting people that are not so great or don't share the same value as you....and you sure get something out of those experiences too.  I think traveling really challenges you to get to know yourself better.  Most of the time, it's about seeing amazing scenery, visiting new places but there are times when you are under stress or run into new circumstances you have to deal with.  It is important to understand how you feel and understand why you are making certain decisions but we don't usually think about it...  maybe it's time to start now!

 I've also thought about relationships.  Not a romantic relationship but daily interaction you have with friends/ acquaintances.  I am not going to go into depth of what I was thinking of but what I do know is that we should surround ourselves with people that make your heart smile... and of course it doesn't always work out that way.  c'est la vie.

 Anyway, enough of my rambling for today.  I am off to T dot next week and NYC in 3 weeks. WOOOT. I am super stoked!   

I am going to finish with a song I've been listening a lot.  Thanks for reading!


XO Rei


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