Saturday, 10 December 2011

Holly jolly Vancouver Christmas Market!

I really wanted to go to the Vancouver Christmas Market last year but unfortunately I wasn't able to make it due to busy final exam schedule and I had to leave on a trip to Whistler right after my exams and came back on 23rd and the market closed on the 24th. 

This year, I decided to take one day off from studying and went to the Christmas Market before all the exam madenss.

The gate

The entrance fee to the market is $5 for adults, $15 if you want the seasonal ticket.  Upon your entrance, you can get a bracelet if you would like to purchase alcoholic beverages inside.

Nutcrackers and various other things!

 Weisswurst!  (pronounced veissvurst).. it's made of veal.. and the price is  $7.50 I believe

German Pasta (What's the difference? Italian vs. German?)

hot spiced red wine and rum $7+ $4 for deposit.  You can return the mug when you finish it and get $4 back, or take the mug home for $4.

Surprisingly, I did see quite a few drunk people in the market...I guess they were indulging in these and some German beer.  When I took a sip of the drink, I knew why. 

 Melting block of cheese.

When I saw this before I went on the news, it looked SO GOOD.  At the market, I was appalled by the smell..(kind of smelled like feet).  It came with two pieces of bread for $8.50. 

 My boyfriend ordered this and I tried it.  It doesn't taste as bad as it smells but it was quite strong.. I thought it tasted like gorgonzola

 German waffles.  There were $7 each I believe. 

 (Everything in the market is overpriced :()

The waffles were good (nothing amazing) except the fact that the icing sugar was going everywhere when I was eating.  As I was eating, the powder landed on my peacoat and I was panicking

Pulled pork and baked potatoes $10 i think?
This was really gooooood.  It's expensive but I think it might be worth the money. 

Gigantic Christmas Tree

The Vancouver Christmas Market is a great place filled with holiday spirit.  There were some amazing musicians playing Christmas tunes on their fiddles in super cold weather.  I was amazed at how well they could play with their frozen fingers.  We ended up dancing for a bit because all the happy spirit that was around.. so..we just had to :)

The food is overpriced for sure with everything ranging from $7-10 but I think it is worth giving it a visit maybe once just to experience the food and the atmosphere.

I got to go and study for my exams now.

Good night!

21 days until Christmas!  Time sure flies..

Good luck with exams everyone (if you are writing one)