Tuesday, 12 July 2011

De Dutch

I got a call Sunday morning asking if my boyfriend and I wanted to go grab brunch.  I got ready in 30 minutes (woke up pretty quickly considering it's Sunday morning) and went for brunch.

  I alsolutely love brunch and the smell of bacon and eggs that permeate the restaurant in the mornings.  I also love pancakes and waffles with syrup and fruit toppings/ whip cream and I can go on and on about how much I love brunch but I will stop here and talk more about De Dutch.

I've seen this place many times passing by (West 2nd Ave and Cambie).. but I didn't know that it serves breakfast/ brunch!  I reminded me of Danny's and surprisingly, there are 22 locations in BC!

 This is weird.. but the water tasted good... ><

It was extremely difficult to order because there were so many choices and I thought it was quite expensive compared to I hop and Danny's

I wanted to get something that has a combination of everything (like at Ihop).. pancakes, sausage, egg, bacon .. but they didn't have something like that

smoked salmon, red onion and brie toastie $10

This was from the lunch menu

Canuck Toast $12.50

Debakon (Pork Cottage Roll), 6 french toasts, 2 eggs (holy moly...that's a lot of food)

Meat lovers omelette $16
Debakon, ham, sausage, turkey bacon and cheese

This omelette must have been cut out from a bigger piece.. I've never seen an omlette cooked this way

Hash Pannekoek $12.5 and the egg was around $1.50
Hash Browns, Mushroom, Green Pepper,
Onion and Cheddar mixed with your choice
of Ham, DeBakon*, Sausage, Turkey Bacon
or Vegetarian with Hollandaise Sauce and
served on top of a Pannekoek
pan_ne_koek (pãn-ne-kõõk), n. genuine Dutch pancake, tasting similar to the traditional North American pancake and is slightly thicker than a crepe. The customary way is to roll it up and cut off bite-size pieces.
This is what I had, and I quite enjoyed the unique pancake.  I personally enjoyed it more than the normal pancakes and overally it was a very fulfilling dish.  It's quite pricy but I think you get your money's worth from the amount of food you get. 

De Dutch also has sweet Pannekoeks and they are around $10


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