Monday, 1 August 2011

BaoQi Eatery

I ended up going to this place randomly thinking that it's a Pho place.  It was located in between Granville and Seymour on Davie St but it was extremely hard for us to find the place.. It was literally hidden and the name of restaurant was no where to be seen on the street.  We had to walk back and forth a couple of times in order to locate it. 

when we looked at the menu and it had variety of Vietnamese food and not just pho. The reviews from Urbanspoon and Dinehere were positive and I was curious to see what their food was like.

clean and simple interior.

quite a small space though.

I ordered the classic meat sub (Bánh mì) $5.50
Bánh mì is a Vietnamese "sandwich" served on a baguette.  The classic meat sub comes with various cold cuts.

I've heard of a lot of good things about vietnamese sub but this was my first time trying it. 
It was pretty good.  I really liked the pickled radish and the hint spicy flavour.  I do think that there could've been more ingredients in the sub though.. I think I had one slice of meat.. Surprisingly, the flavours still came through but it would've been better if there were more meat.  I am hoping to venture more into Vietnamese subs soon. (Any suggestions?)

Spring rolls

These spring rolls were really good (not too oily and very crunchy) but they were expensive.. $6.50 for 5...

Lastly, Pho!

Their plates were very simple and modern.  I didn't try the soup so I am not sure what the quality of pho was like.  It looked good to me.

BaoQi is a great place to grab a quick bite and I think the price is quite reasonable except some of the dishes (ie. spring rolls..) :p Also, I think this is one of nearest Yaletown's Pho restaurants.

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