Wednesday, 17 August 2011

The Dirty Apron cooking school & delicatessen

the menu-  photos were taken with my iphone

Dirty Apron is a cooking school and a deli co-owned by the owners of Chambar, Karri and Nico Schuermans and former Chambar Sous-Chef David Robertson.

I went to try their sandwiches and when I walked in, I fell in love with the place instantly because of the homey feeling of the store.  

Dirty Apron is Crosstown's gourmet grocer and they have fruits, drinks, candies, chocolate sauces from Medina and home made beef, chicken, fish stocks and organic fruits and veggies (Almost everything!).  It's not spacious but it has a lot of awesome stuff in stock. 

local meat cuts!



I absolutely adore those candy jars!!

They had this green tea mint that seemed really interesting..

Not a lot of sandwiches left...


Pistachio Cheesecake Brownie on the right sounds amazing!!!

I love lemon curd and I love strawberries...

When I saw this tart I was like.... AHHH!! I MUST TRY THIS!!!
It sounded like an amazing combination but sadly, I was too full to try it :(!!
I am going back to Dirty apron just for this tart!!!

fresh hummus, guacamole, etc..
variety of chocolate sauces from medina, etc...
organic milk, cheese, etc...

I looked up the menu before I went and I wanted to try the Crab & Shrimp Sandwich (Crab & shrimp, aji vinagrette, avocado, peppadew and cilantro)but then when I saw Confit Albacore Tuna Sandwich on the menu, I ordered this instead.  This sandwich was either.. $8.99 or $9.99...I can't quite recall.

This sandwich had Confit albacore tuna, citrus mayonnaise, smoked paprika, fennel, basil, parmesan and sundried tomatoes!!! (Confit=  food that have been immersed in a substance for both flavor and preservation)

It was absolutely delicious.  The bread was crispy and so buttery it  tasted amazing.  I loved the sun dried tomatos which added that sour punch to the sandwich and the soft tuna and crunchy fennel just made it all work!!! YUM!! Truly amazing grilled sandwich and it was totally worth the money.

I also tried the blood orange san pellegrino (it comes in 7 flavours).  I've only tried lemon and chinotto and this was my first time seeing a blood orange one!

It was good and not overly sweet but I think I still like the chinotto one the best.

Olivia ordered the beef pie with coleslaw and salad. This was around $14.99- I think it's quite pricy for what it is

The coleslaw was very interesting.  It had apples, raisins, pickled vegetables.  It was different and it definitely worked! The pie filling was too salty for my taste buds.

I think it's great that Chambar, Cafe Medina and Dirty Apron are so close to each other and owned by the same owners.  These people definitely know what they are doing in the kitchen.

I am definitely going back to Dirty Apron for one of those Strawberry Lemon Tarts!!!!

Also, if you are interested in taking cooking classes, check their website out! It's around $145 per person for one session.

The Dirty Apron

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