Monday, 27 June 2011

Wings, Benkei, Home made dinner...

I am back!   I haven't been eating out much or cooking at home (what have I been eating??) and when I do eat out, I always leave my camera at home so I haven't been updating often :(..  This post is just going to be a lot of things together.. and not much of a review..

So, Benkei first!

I took pictures of different ramen flavours this time



Made with rich chicken and pork soup


Mixed with various kinds of spices in a rich miso soup.

I personally like spicy ramens because the other kinds are too rich for my taste bud.. This ramen is okay but I prefer the spicy garlic from Kintaro


Served with Bamboo-shoots, spinach and nori.  Japanese style Chinese noodle 

I went to Wings twice this weekend...There are those times when you just crave for some delicious, crispy wings. (OM NOM NOM)  When I went on Friday, we had Sapporo pitcher and a cocktail with our wings.  I think we ate about 5 lbs of wings among 3 girls.  

Go US!

 I love these buckets for some reason

151 bellinis

YUM!! my personal favourite is Louisiana

I had these on Sunday night .. nothing too special about these

This picture was taken under completely different lighting near the back of the restaurant..

Sweet Thai and Jamba something... the Jamba one was okay.. it wasn't spicy at all despite the two chilli signs 

We ordered a pound of "Bobbi wings, House of Pain"... and... let's just say that some of us almost died from burning lips:p

Home cooked asian style marinated salmon with onion, salad on the side with sesame dressing.. and RICE

Fresh Strawberries 

I am going to be making banana bread tomorrow (I have 3 black bananas I can use for baking!) I'll try to update a post on it this week!
Have a great week everyone :)


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