Sunday, 12 June 2011

Pigging out on a Saturday night

On Saturday, I decided to make a simple brunch after volunteering.

 Just bacon, scambled eggs and strawberries

On Saturday night, I had dinner with my friends from International Business Language group 2009-2010 at Joey on Burrad and Broadway.  I haven't seen them for awhile so it was good to see how they were doing and what their plans for the future.

I've been to Joey before and I liked all the food that I've ordered but there is nothing too special about the restaurant. (It reminds me of Cactus club and Milestone)

Panang Shrimp Curry bowl

stir-fried with vegetables in a red coconut curry cream with thai basil and peanuts. $17.49

Seriously... the lettuce on top of the rice tower looks like kimchi..XD
 This dish was decent but personally it wasn't worth the money..

BC Halibut & Prawn Spaghetti 
with tomato, Kalamata olive and fresh basil $19.99

Lobster Grilled Cheese 
atlantic lobster, brie and chedder grilled cheese sandwich served with fries and cocktail sauce on the side $14.99

This sandwich was definitely over priced... The bread was crunchy and buttery but the portion was way too small.  My friend tried the cocktail sauce which looked exactly like ketchup but she said that it tasted like wasabi... All of us tried it and it did taste a bit odd but we couldn't figure out what it was.  We ended up asking the waitress what was in the sauce and it was composed of horseradish(where the wasabi flavour came from), lemon zest and ketchap.

My other friend ordered Beef dip and it came with horseradish whip.  I have no idea how people are coming up with these odd condiments. 

Normal ketchup on top left, horseradish whip on the right and ketchup with horse radish and lemon zest on the bottom

Baja fish tacos 
crispy fish and shrimp in corn tortillas with guacamole, cilantro & mexican hot sauce $12.99

I ordered the baja fish tacos.  The fish tasted like chicken and it was seasoned very well.  The hot sauce went really well with the tacos.  The only thing that could've been better were the tortillas.  It could've been more crispy.
(I apologize for the unappetizing picture..)

After eating dinner at Joey, I went down to Zakkushi on Denman to meet my girl friends. There are 3 locations in Vancouver and I've only tried the one on Denman.

Zakkushi is a unique izakaya that sell skewers just like the ones in Japan.  They have all sorts of delicious skewers (corn, pork, beef, gizzard etc) and the atmosphere of the izakaya is cozy and great for late night eat outs.

Zakkushi would've been one of my favourite places to hang out if the skewers were cheaper:P
One order comes with 2 skewers and they are around $1.60-$2.90

We ordered Sapporo pitcher.  I don't like beers but Japanese beers are an exception.

asparagus wrapped with sliced pork $1.90 

crunchy asparagus. Always delicious on a skewer

Kobe beef meatball $2.50

very tender and flavourful

Negi P Toro with onion sauce $1.90 

The onions really do their thing

Sticky rice cake wrapped in sliced pork $1.90

This was one of my favourites! The chewy soft mochi and salty pork was a great combination

Butter corn with soy sauce$2.20

Our night didn't end after pigging out at Zakkushi.. We got kicked out after 2 hours because it was a busy Saturday night.

My friends wanted to grab some drinks so we decided to go to Chungdam Ahn on Robson and Cardero.  I didn't take any pictures because the lighting is really dark inside but if you want to visit their website, it's

It's already the end of the weekend and I am going back to work tomorrow..



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