Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Mmmm Brunch

I went for brunch at Hub Restaurant and Lounge(right beside Yaletown Roundhouse station) on Sunday morning with a friend.  Brunch is only served on weekends and holidays until 2pm. I personally love brunch but it's SO hard to motivate myself to wake up early on weekends.. but I made it!!

The weather was nice so we sat out on the patio. 

I ordered

shrimp and crab benny - poached eggs, toasted crumpet, hollandaise, roasted potatoes  $13

I loved the tiny glass of orange juice. I wish I could get this kind of meal delivered to my bed every morning...XD

A couple of things that could've been better were the overly soggy crumpet and the slightly overcooked egg.

My friend ordered

eggs benny - Canadian bacon, poached eggs, toasted crumpet, hallandaise, roasted potatoes $12

I was SO FULL after this meal because I don't usually eat a lot in the morning.  The restaurant itself was okay but nothing too fancy.  I am hoping to try out more places that sell brunch in the future.

Afterwards, I met up with some friends to grab a quick bite at Ganache.

Ganache is also located in Yaletown and it's a modern Parisian style Patisserie and they offer variety of pastries and cakes.   They also make wedding cakes and all of their macarons, chocolates and bon bons are made at the Yaletown location.

I love Madeleines. <3

I ordered the Framboise et Rose and I did not like it AT ALL!

It is made of raspberry mascarpone cream, vanilla-lychee panna cotta, rose water raspberry madeleine and some kind of sponge..

I like panna cotta and madeleine.. but this cake wasn't very pleasing to my taste buds.. It was overly cheesy and as I kept on eating it, it was too sweet for my preference.  I had to force myself to finish it because it was $5.95 for a piece that was smaller than my fist.

I've tried Chocolat-Banane, Mango Chocolat, Concorde Praline, Matcha-Exotique, Citron-Mandarine, Chocolat Veloute, and their macarons and I liked all of them except this cake. I was quite disappointed

I went to Flo on Granville St. afterwards and ate Taiwanese beef noodles.
 The noodle was overcooked but other than that, it was a good dish.

I've been eating out a lot and now I am extremely broke.  I should try to cook more often..T.T


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