Sunday, 21 October 2012

Food from Japan

 First morning in Japan.  I think I had the hardest time picking out onigiri from convenience stores because I am unable to read kanji..

tuna don -Osaka

salmon+ shrimp don -Osaka

 Okonomiyaki - Osaka

Sushi- Kyoto


Sashimi- Kyoto

Scallops with miso -Kyoto

Dango- Osaka

Soba- Akihabara

Udon- Asakusa

Cocktail- The Lock-up @Shibuya

Crepe Cake- Harbs @Tokyo

Starbucks - Love how they put a sticker for soymilk

Best Ramen I've ever had.  Nanashi ramen in Shibuya

Asakusa Silk pudding

Ramen (this one wasn't so good)

I miss my trip already... I wanted to blog often in Japan but due to being exhausted all the time, I didn't manage to do so.  Hopefully next time...  I also hope to visit Hokkaido and explore Kyoto a little more.



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