Monday, 1 October 2012

Come to Korea with me- 3

Seafood is my favourite protein and I would rather eat fish than meat anytime.  No ryang jin (노량진) is the main Seafood market in Seoul and it has many vendors and it's gigantic as you can see in the photo below.  If you're want a different food experience in Seoul, don't forget to visit No ryang jin.

My dad and I arrived around 10 am and we didn't really feel like roaming around so we just found a restaurant first and went to the vendor that was closest to the restaurant.  So what you have to do is purchase your raw fish from the vendors and take it to the restaurant and they will provide you with sauce and cook 매운탕 (Meh-woon-tang) which is a spicy soup made from left over fish parts such as the tail, head, bones and etc.  The vendor will take the live fish and cut it up for you and give you the left over parts in a black plastic bag so you just give this bag to the restaurant.

 We ended up getting halibut (광어)

 Miso paste mixed with spicy sauce

 매운탕 (meh-woon-tang) Spicy soup

I've been craving for this soup recently so I asked my mom to cook it for dinner today while I was back home for a couple of days.  I am going back to school tomorrow and exams are starting soon (SIGH).  There will be one more post on my Korea trip and I'll jump into my Japan trip :)

Good night!


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