Friday, 12 October 2012


My favourite season is back!  I love the smell of cool air in the mornings, colourful autumn leaves, sweaters, hot chocolates that can warm my frozen hands and everything that's listed below except sunny days because that doesn't exist in Vancouver during autumn.

Last weekend was Thanksgiving and I had a lovely thanksgiving dinner with friends.  We baked a huge turkey for about 15 people, made stuffing (my fav), mac and cheese, salad, and mashed potatoes.  For desserts, I baked oreo-stuffed chocolate chip cookies and apple dumplings.

 cheesecakes, apple dumping, cookies, red & white wine.


I feel like autumn always come as a surprise to me.  Maybe because I am usually so occupied with midterms during the month of October and this year it was unusually warm and sunny in September.  I guess I tend to recognize autumn when leaves are all on the ground and it's red, orange, and  yellow where ever I look. I tried to be more attentive to what's around me this time around and oh boy, I am sure glad I did.

UBC is gorgeous during autumn but sadly due to construction being EVERYWHERE this year, it's been disrupting the scenery...I am hoping to find a place somewhere on campus where construction hasn't taken over.  Time for an adventure maybe?

Sam Edelman boots

 Uniqlo trench,  Uniqlo jeans, Sam Edelman boots, Tory Burch bag

  Me just being goofy

Anyway,  I am going to end with this jazz piece.  Happy autumn everyone xx

Rei xx


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