Thursday, 12 April 2012

April randoms

Another random post with random photos from different places!  Let me know if you want a review for any of them.

Ddeokbokki made from an instant package purchased from H-mart- with vegetables and cheese

If you don't know what Dduk bo ki is, check it out by clicking the name!  Despite these being packaged, it was delicious!  The vegetables definitely made a difference but overall, not bad.  I ate this around 11pm with a friend and I didn't regret it at all. (I can work out the next day right?)  We also put some cheese on top which makes it less spicy and the melted cheese really goes well with the dish.  Please do try it with the cheese if you cook it at home!

Korean spicy hotpot - Bu dae stew.  This dish has spam, tofu, sausage, some vegetables and green onions.  Bu dae stew is basically a cheap man's dish because it's made from
inexpensive ingredients.  Usually eaten with some beer/ soju on the side and it's super easy to make it at home.

Tofu and kimchi

I love tofu and I love kimchi and this is an amazing combination.  I believe the kimchi was grilled with vegetables and some pork.  I really enjoyed it but personally, I am not a big fan of grilled kimchi so I ate it with the fresh ones that came with my meal.

Mac and cheese

Wendy's spicy chicken jalapeno burger

First time eating at Wendy's.  The portion was quite big and the burger wasn't bad.

Macarons at Thierry. 

I haven't seen the display this full!!! I felt as if I was in heaven.  It would've been lovely if they were cheaper (they are around $2 each). 

Black forest cake and macarons from Thierry

The cake had meringues inside and it was overall a very delicious. It was hard to eat because of the chocolate on the side so we had to deconstruct it in order to eat it.

Late night sashimi my brother brought

Curry udon with loads of kimchi on top. 

So final exam period has started and I am quite happy that my exams are spread out.  Even though I start on the first day and end on the last day, I have a lot of time to study for each one.  I just wrote my first one today which didn't go as well as I hoped but now I am fully in my studying mode for the next exams.

It has been really warm these days and it really makes me feel excited about summer.  I have a lot planned for the summer such as volunteering, working,  a little bit of school, shopping and traveling.  I am moving back home this summer to live with my mom and brother which I haven't done in awhile and I am somewhat bittersweet about moving far away from school but it is also great to go back to stay with my family.

My friends and I are going Justice concert at the end of this month and a mini-road trip to Seattle and Portland early May and I can't wait. Just 3 more exams ahead of me before my sweet freedom.

 Proof of spring

My lipsticks

I am going to upload more posts about beauty/fashion/ hauls and not just food from now so please watch out for them!

Thanks for reading.



  1. Where is the Mac & Cheese from? Also, what kind of camera are you using?

    Looking forward to some more reviews :)

  2. The mac & cheese is from "The Mac Shack" in Kerrisdale. Check out their website at

    In this post, I just used my iphone but I usually use olympus epl-2!

    Thank you for visiting:)