Sunday, 22 April 2012

Acme cafe

I have been a hermit for about 2 weeks now and it felt great to go out for a day and hang out with my girls.  We decided to grab brunch at Acme cafe which had great reviews on urbanspoon.  I really wanted to order breakfast but we went to the cafe at 3 o' clock and I was disappointed assuming I won't be able to get my eggs and potatoes.  Fortunately, Acme serves breakfast all day on weekends!  Lucky me!


The menu

The ice cream float and milkshake sounded good but we wanted to go grab dessert somewhere else.  

Acme cafe has a cozy feeling it to it with white walls.  Loved the minimalistic/ diner interior design.

Random photo of Olivia and I with our gorgeous mustache

Baked eggs benny 10.50

layers of English muffin, eggs and ham, oven-baked and topped with Hollandaise sauce with shredded redskin potato

I was surprised at how it looked.  It just looked like potatoes with toast.  

This dish was AMAZING.  I loved it so so so SO much
and would order it anytime.  It was creamy and cheesy with a bit of saltiness to it.  I absolutely loved it.  The potatoes were a good touch on the side.  The portion was good and I left the cafe full and pleased.

There was a small portion of fruits that came with it but I totally forgot about it and didn't end up eating it. 

European breakfast 8.50

Proscuitto-wrapped melon, provolone, chilled hard-boiled egg with toast

Olivia had a big breakfast so she decided to order something light.  Proscuitto-wrapped melon apparently tastes sweet and salty (obviously).  I've never tasted it but Oliva liked it.  

Meat loaf sandwich 12.00

meat loaf, BBQ sauce, grainy dijon mayo, Swiss cheese, caramelized onions and arugula on an onion kaiser

The meat loaf was good!  It wasn't amazing but the sauce went well with the meat and the meat was soft.  It was strange how the bun was a burger bun and not a sandwich bun... (meat loaf burger?) I didn't get to try the salad but it looked good!


I really wanted one of them (SO many choices!) but we decided not to order anything because we wanted to go to another cafe afterwards.

Oh gosh, they look delicious


They all look so good :(!!!

 Random instagram photos

Cherry blossoms are everywhere these days!


Angry apples.

I absolutely loved Acme cafe and I am going to come back again to try some of their other dishes and also dessert.  Today was a breath of fresh air and it was really good to be in the sun with my girls!

I still have one more exam left on Wednesday and I am ready to go back to studying.  Let's do this!  After a glimpse of summer today, I am extremely excited for the summer <3

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