Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Après-Midi Teahouse (Closed)


My friend brought me to this place last time but I didn't end up ordering anything because I was in a hurry but I've always wanted to come back for a cup of tea.

 This place is definitely special.

 I don't drink coffee very often and I would describe myself as a tea person so I was quite happy to find a place like this.  It's in the middle of gastown and it's quite difficult to find at first because you have to go through several alleys but if you come straight through the Blood alley, you'll find it easily.

Après-Midi has over 80 kinds of loose leaf tea from all over the world and people working here were very knowledgeable about their teas.

Variety of choices

You can open these cans and smell the tea leaves and choose the one you like.

My favourite type of tea is rooibos or red tea.   Everywhere I go, I always get rooibos tea.  Rooibos is Afrikaan for red bush and it originated from South Africa.  The rooibos plant is used to make herbal teas which pertain high levels
of anti-oxidants.  I usually get bourbon vanilla or creme caramel.  They both have a hint of sweetness to it so I don't add any sugar but it's not overly sweet by itself.

 Tea leaves

Grapefruit tea leaves

The process of brewing my bourbon vanilla tea leaves!

The latte was around $5 and tea was around $3.50.  Quite expensive for tea I would say..

Bourbon vanilla latte on the right and bourbon vanilla tea in the middle

This was the most delicious thing ever!!! I love bourbon vanilla tea and it's a perfect tea to make a latte with.  I did ask for syrup so it was sweet but not too sweet and it had a hint of vanilla taste to it.  I wish I can drink this every morning.

  I got this on the house because they thought I ordered bourbon vanilla latte when I just wanted the tea.  People working there are so kind and informative.  If you order and find seats, they will bring the tea to you.  We got ours in a to-go cup but if you decide to drink it inside the cafe, they give your tea in a cute teapot and a mug.  Olivia didn't like the tea she got so she ended up drinking the latte.  

Gorgeous brick walls.

I recently purchase a generic red colour, YSL lipstick and I've been loving it.  When Olivia and I were revisiting the YSL counter, she really liked this colour so Stacy and I went back today picked it up for her birthday.  It's a fuschia pink colour (just like my nail polish).  This lipstick has great formulation and it's very moisturizing.  It does get dry after about an hour but the colour stays on for a long time.  Most importantly, the gold case is just gorgeous! I love gold and it makes me want to get a whole collection of these lipsticks.  Too bad they are super duper expensive.

Rebecca Minkoff MAC 

 I've been wanting this bag for the longest time! Olivia got this for her birthday from her boyfriend! I adore the gold chain and this bag goes with everything in a girl's wardrobe.  I was so excited when I saw Olivia with this bag and hopefully I will get mine soon and join her. 

It was so great to take time off studying and chat with my girls and Après-Midi Teahouse was a perfect place to do so.  The gorgeous brick walls give you a cozy feeling and I also think it's a great place to come and read a book with a cup of a tea.  I am definitely going to drop by next time and grab a bourbon vanilla latte when I am in Gastown.  I think my day would've been complete if they served scones, or any sort of bread.  (I think they do but there were none when I went)

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