Sunday, 29 May 2011

Flamingo Chinese Restaurant

 I went to Flamingo Chinese Restaurant last Wednesday and it was closed!:(!!! Apprently they are closed every Wednesdays.. so my friends and I went again on Sunday ..and it was packed with people but we didn't have to wait long for our table. WOOT!  I think Flamingo is a great place to dine out as a big group or with your family.

mmm chinese tea!

We ordered Peking duck which was a two course meal.  The first meal came with crispy skin, wraps,  green onions and this amazing peking sauce!! This sauce was AMAZING! We finished 2 bowls of this and asked for more.

Peking duck (two courses)whole $35.80

Peking duck skin with shrimp chips underneath

This is what the wrap looked like.

wrap+duck skin+ green onion+ peking sauce= DELICIOUS

The second course came with this (I am not quite sure what else was in it other than duck..) and lettuce

scoop some duck on the lettuce, spread the sauce and wrap it up! YUM

After the peking duck, we  (4 people) were starting to get full.. but we had 2 more dishes and rice as well.. We were worried that we won't be able to finish it.

 Diced Pork, Veggies & Almonds in a Spicy Sauce $ 12.95

I am not used to eating bamboo shoots and it smelled quite funny.... BUT overall, it tasted good!:)

 Grandma Tofu (Ma Po Tofu), spicy $13.95

I LOVE TOFU !It wasn't too spicy and we ended up finishing all of it.

red bean congee (?) as a dessert

 It was a delicious meal with big portions!  I want to come again to try their dim sum next time 

On my way out, I took pictures of these yummy?(XD) creatures

Spot prawns- cute little fella

7510 Cambie Street, Vancouver

Flamingo House Chinese Cuisine 紅鶴酒家 on Urbanspoon


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