Tuesday, 17 May 2011

East is East

 East is East is a restaurant portraying the dhabba(eateries) that existed along the ancient silk road from Mongolia through Tibet, India, Persia and Istanbul.

I absolutely enjoyed the atmosphere and the smell of the spices that permeated the restaurant!!
chai latte in a cute little cup:)

live music!! 

We ordered Roti rolls and each roll came with green saland and dhal soup, yogurt-mint sauce, brown lentil rice or Afghan rice

The Silk Route- Baked miso salmon in coconut milk, lime leaves and red/green Thai Curry Roti

Afghan Nomad- Lamb roasted in giner, onion, garlic and five spice curry
The Mughal- Chicken in creamy masala and herbs

3239 W. Broadway
(there is another one on Main)

Then, we went to Cheesecake etc. 
mmmmm my favourite cheesecake<3 it just melts in your mouth

2141 Granville St.

Anyways..I am going to keep this post short!



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