Friday, 13 May 2011

Sweet Obsession

 jams, biscotti etcetra
beautiful display of cakes
Fruit Tart
Chocolate brushed pastry, filled with chocolate mousse, custard cream and topped with fresh fruits.
the tart looks amazing but it's not as good as it looks from what I remember


tiramisu- it doesn't look like a tiramisu...

Pecan tart, rich and sweet with cranberries to add zing.

Layers of vanilla chiffon, white chocolate mousse and raspberries all covered with white chocolate ganache

Lemon Buttercream with Hazelnut Meringue and Mocha Buttercream with Chocolate Meringue. Gluten free!

our table.
the store is really cozy, small and there are about 7 tables.  It's usually packed around 6-9pm so you might have to wait a bit in order to eat in.  

my bittersweet chocolate buttercream cake.

Dense ultra chocolate cake layered with bitter sweet chocolate butter cream.
I LOVE cakes but I don't like them dense.  I asked the server if they have a chocolate cake that's not too dense and not overly sweet and this is what she recommended me.  This cake was exactly what I asked for!!! It's chocolaty, not overly sweet, soft and it just melts in your mouth!! I loved this cake!

another cake that I enjoyed very much when I came here last time is the hedgehog cake(Layers of hazelnut chiffon and hazelnut chocolate butter cream with Frangelico).


Layers of Italian sponge, zabaglione, mascarpone cream and espresso.

Overall, I think this place has great cakes with reasonable prices and I am definitely planning to come back next time.

 2611 West 16th Avenue

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