Friday, 29 January 2016

Forty Ninth Parallel Cafe & Lucky's Doughnuts (Kitsilano): donut worry, be happy

So the reason Zach and I didn't get dessert at Maenam was because we wanted to drop by 49 Parallel for donuts. I personally enjoy this location much better than the one in Mount Pleasant due to the brightness of the cafe. I also used to live around here so naturally, I came to this one more often. Now that I am in East Vancouver, I have not been here since the summer.

It was a Saturday afternoon but I did not expect it to be SO busy. There was a lineup far outside the cafe and everyone was looking for seats. Luckily, Zach and I were going to get a coffee & donut combo to-go and walk down to Kitsilano beach for a stroll. While in line, we realized that they were hosting the hot chocolate festival. They had a deal on hot chocolate & donut for $6 (it may have been $6.50) so we decided to get that instead. I've tried many of their donuts already: peanut butter & jam, salted caramel, oreo, lemon mergue and etc. but they had a couple new ones I never tasted before.

 One thing I do really like is that whenever I go in the cafe, I don't know what to expect and they usually have something unique/new on their shelf. I always tried to order the new ones because it is most likely to be a temporary option. On this day, I was deciding between the shortbread one or the lemon filled one. I decided to go with the thumbprint shortbread cookie because I absolutely love shortbread and Zach got the Memphis Flash.

 I was also happy to see their new cups (they may have been out for a LONG time but I've never seen them) coloured in their well-known, minty baby blue colour. It reminds me of Tiffany's signature colour.

The barista made a legit hot chocolate for us. She mixed the melted chocolate first, poured in some coco powder and then poured hot milk in and made latte art on it. It would be amazing if every cafe made their hot chocolate like this. Due to its method, the hot chocolate was of course delicious.

For this hot chocolate fest, I think they were creating some unique flavours of hot chocolate. I didn't get to try it but I read that they had lavender flavoured ones as well.

I am really digging the design on this cup

We walked down to Kits beach because it was a nice sunny day even though it was slightly windy.  It was extra windy by the waters and we were freezing our asses off while we ate our donuts on a bench. We tried to eat it as quickly as possible so our hands could warm up inside our pockets after.

The Memphis Flash had banana peanut butter cream inside. 

This was basically a heavenly mixture of peanut butter and banana

The shorbread donut was disappointing to say the least. It wasn't special in any way and the only shortbready thing about this was the crumbs on top. It came with raspberry jelly in the centre which was the main source of the sweetness. 

 I'll probably end up taking more photos when I eat other donuts in the future. I am thinking of compiling all of them and create a photo collection of all the donuts I ate at 49 parallel. I think it's a great idea but the downside of that is realizing how much donuts I've consumed over the years and also the calorie total.. but that's okay? right?

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