Sunday, 9 December 2012

November randoms

Ah. It is December already and it's that time of the year.... FINAL EXAMS.  My exam schedule isn't that bad and I don't end on the last day for once which I am quite happy about (YAY)  I have more than a month off after my exams because I will be moving to Montreal for about 3 months for a co-op work term.  I got this job last minute and from what I hear, it is going to be unbelievably cold in Montreal in Jan-Feb but I am still excited! I will keep you guys updated in Montreal but until then.. I still have to suffer through two more exams.  

But... I haven't posted anything in a while so I thought I would do another randoms post.  

Beef roll @ Peaceful restaurant. 
 It was good but I prefer their dumplings..

Homemade bibimbap

Butter chicken @ Subeez

Jjam pong (Spicy seafood noodles) @ this Korean restaurant on Robson

Mint chocolate cupcake made by my roommate. 
 A great way to eat a cupcake is to cut the cupcake horizontally and place the bread part on top of the frosting like a whoopie pie.  This way you're not left with just the bread part after you eat the top part with frosting.

Peppermint hotchocolate

@ Artigiano

Olivia & I

Before going to see The Killers 
 Gorgeous Brandon Flowers and guitarist Dave Keuning

Before going to work..

and... I transformed into a lego woman.

Anyway.. I am done my exams on the 14th and I am off to watch the Hobbit right after (WOOT. I am extremely excited.  I watched the making of the Hobbit on Youtube for like an hour or so and I got more excited.... I know, I am a big geek). 

I am having a potluck on the 16th and I am planning to make apple dumplings and some mint chocolate brownies.  I will definitely blog those.  I promise!

Also, for everyone who loves baking and the Christmas season

Check this out!  I am loving the ideas.


  1. I wish I had money to do stuff and eat delicious food. #poorstudentlife #nolifejuststudying

  2. hahahah I agree with you! I am always broke :'(