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Miura Waffle Milk Bar

I personally really like waffles but it's unfortunate that Vancouver doesn't have that many of places that sell waffles.  I used to go to Michi waffles on Robson but they closed down last summer so the only places I can think of are WE cafe on Robson and Cafe Medina.  I don't think they are not that great and it has always been a challenge for me to find a decent waffle place. 

 In Korea, there are street waffle vendors that sell waffles simply with syrup and cream in the middle for like $2, (refer to the photo below) and it's the best thing in the world... I miss them sometimes :(

Street waffle

My friend told me about Miura Waffle Milk Bar which is on Davie and I've heard good things about this place.  It's owned by Japanese people and they sell savory and sweet waffles.  The price range from 5.99-7.99.  Check out their website if you're interested! 

Hot choco

It was a warm day but I wanted to drink something hot because of my cold

Iced green tea

typical green tea

Cookies and cream $4.99
     oreo, whipped cream & chocolate sauce

Adriana and I wanted to grab the sweet waffles but we didn't know which one to pick from the menu.  We asked the cashier and she recommended cookies and cream and banana caramel.  Cookies and cream isn't always my first choice so I went with banana caramel and Adri got the cookies and cream.  Adri said it was reallly good but I can already feel the calories by just looking at this photo D:

Banana Caramel $4.99
banana, whipped cream, cookie crumbs & caramel sauce

I personally liked their waffles a lot.  I am not quite sure how it will be for the savoury ones but for the dessert ones, they are supreme.  Best I've had in Vancouver.  The caramel went exceptionally well with the banana and the cream.  Even though my hands got sticky afterwards, I enjoyed it very much.

HCM $7.99
ham, mushroom, swiss & mozzarella cheese

The mushrooms look dried out in this photo.  I don't think this was particularly good because Olivia didn't mention anything.. hmmmm

Bulgogi $7.99
beef, egg sauce, kimchi & bulgogi sauce

Rachel ordered this one and we could smell the bulgogi cooking from the kitchen even before she got it.  I like how they put kimchi inside because kimchi goes well with bulgogi.  I am not quite sure what the egg sauce is but if I were to go to Miura again, I would try this one, hoison or wasabi mayo.

Miura Waffle Milk bar definitely met my expectations for their dessert waffles.  I would recommend the banana caramel waffles (I wanted another one after having my first) and I am going to try the savoury ones next time I visit and I will let you guys know how that goes.  One thing I was slightly upset about was their closing time.  They close at 7pm but this is probably because they are open early for lunch time.  Vancouver needs more dessert waffle places that open till late!

 Our waffles

haha this photo reminds me of how my friends never touch their food when we first receive it because they know that I will want to take a photo of it. (I am sorry guys!! and thank you <3)  I swear my photo is going to go up on 

any time soon... Hurray for being a foodie? :)

Oh yes.  As a bonus, I am going to add a photo of an oreo-stuffed chocolate ship cookie. I don't usually eat oreos but I really went for these suckers and had two of them.  (As you can see, they are as big as my hand)  I want to try making these sometime! Check out the link below for the recipe! They don't seem too hard.

Enjoy the sunshine everyone:)


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