Monday, 25 June 2012

June randoms


I apologize for disappearing for so long.  I just finished my first summer course about a week ago and working, commuting, just... trying to enjoy summer and it's been hard to blog consistently.   Also, the weather has been horrible and it doesn't feel like summer yet even though it's already almost July.  I am hoping that July and August will be super warm and gorgeous.  

This month, I got a chance to explore and discover Richmond.  I am not familiar with Chinese cuisine and I usually don't know where to go when it comes to food in Richmond even though I am sure there are many amazing places to go to.  That's probably the main reason why I haven't tried to find out more about what's happening in Richmond.  I guess it really helps when you know someone that knows the area quite well. 

Anyway,  I am going to try to cook something up this week or do a review of a restaurant but for now... Here are my June randoms :)

Noodles from Deer Garden

I recommend EVERYONE to visit this place.  Affordable, delicious and you can pick and choose your noodle and soup.

Some riesling with mexican salami and smoked gouda cheese at Olivi's house

 homemade pineapple buns with a huge slice of butter at Lido

Tasty but I felt like going for a long jog after eating this.

Oysters at Suika with green onions and ponzu jelly. 

 They were fresh and I loved the ponzu jelly.

Sweet Revenge

Steak sandwich, pulled pork poutine and seafood pappardelle at Flying Pig

Individual sized hotpot at Boiling point in Richmond.  

Reasonable price.  I think it was around $10 per meal with rice.

 Tempura udon at Gyo-o in Richmond. 

 This place is owned by Japanese people but it's always empty!! I don't understand :( the food is good and inexpensive...If you want decent Japanese food for a reasonable price in Richmond, go to Gyo-o!

 Sushi from Taka'

I am going to write a full post on Taka's soon.  So I am not going to say much.. but Taka's is definitely my favourite Sushi place

Toast from Whate8ver cafe

Pork cracklings and bread with pork at Bitter

The spread was basically pork with lard.  It wasn't very good but the crackling was interesting and I kept going back for it.  It had a vinegary flavour with a hint of spiciness to it. 

 mmmm. Fresh mango

I wanted to turn the photo around but blogspot isn't letting me for some reason at the moment... 


7 layer dip (this is 6 layer dip but close enough).  I am currently obsessed with this.  I just can't get enough.

 Raspberry beer from Bitter

I am going to finish off with my gentleman coke Ben made. 




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