Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Twisted Fork Bistro

I met Olivia and Stacy last week and we were just wandering around Downtown and we couldn't decide on where to go for dinner. We didn't feel like going to our usual izakayas and then I thought of Twisted Fork Bistro on Granville.

 Twisted Fork on the menu

The menu at Twisted Fork is divided into No Forks (appetizer), Small Forks and Big Forks.  Small Forks are basically small portion of food so you can share with other people and big forks are main meal size.

There were so many choices to choose from and it all sounded delicious. 

It's not big inside and the biggest table they have is for 4 people.  I think they do put tables together to accommodate bigger groups.

Pickled vegetables

Olivia's Martini 

Buns with whipped butter

Tomato and Mushroom Salad
Pan seared vine ripe tomatoes, wild mushrooms, sourdough, fresh basil and feta tossed with a basil vinaigrette 9

This was definitely not what was expecting because I just read "tomato and mushroom salad" and my friends wanted to order it so I said 'okay' without reading the description.  I expected a typical salad with green leaves.  The sourdough was a nice touch and it had a chewy texture which went well with the dish.  It kinda made me feel as if I was chewing on meat..  The basil vinaigrette and feta cheese just made this salad perfect and overall, it was a delicious dish.


 Gruyere and Caramelized onion Tart
Caramelized onion and smoked gryuere cheese tart with a hint of nutmeg served with pesto dressed greens and pear chutney.... 9

Another great dish.  The pear chutney was a special touch on the side and the tart itself was rich and extremely cheesy. 

 Confit Duck
Crispy Confit duck served with bacon braised cabbage, duck jus and finished with fruit ketchup.....10

This was my least favourite dish.  The duck was nice but something in the dish was bitter and it really threw me off.  I think it was the bacon braised cabbage but I am not quite sure.  

Scallops and Bacon
Pan seared scallops marinated in thyme and chipotle oil served with caramelized onion, potato puree, Vancouver Island's double smoked bacon and house corn relish..11.0

This was a very unique style of scallops and bacon.  It had mashed potato (or potato puree I suppose) underneath and everything went so well together.  The scallop was cooked nicely and the bacon flavour wasn't overwhelming.  I would've liked another one.

Caramel Napolean
Almond tuilles filled with caramel mousse and fresh raspberries
served with house made maple ice cream and raspberry coulis

Oh wow.  The dessert was exquisite.  With sweet almond tuilles, caramel mousse, maple ice cream and sour raspberrie coulis, it balanced out well.  Three girls devoured dish in a couple of minutes.  

My first visit to Twisted Fork Bistro was very pleasant and I enjoyed their small forks very much.  I would like to come back and try their no forks and big forks next time.  The food was great so I was fine with paying around $20 per person.  The big Forks ranges from $19-$22 and they also serve brunch from Friday to Sunday.  Please order the dessert if you drop by Twisted Fork! You will not regret it.



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