Friday, 1 April 2016

Re-Up BBQ: Fried chicken? No. Best biscuits EVER

My friends and I went on a fried chicken crawl, looking for the best fried chicken in Vancity. I've been to LA chicken before and it was delicious but it was unfortunately too far for us to travel by transit. We looked up a couple of other places and many recommended Re-up in New Westminster so we decided to make a trip out there to try out their fried chicken.

I am not very familiar with restaurants in Richmond but I've been seeing more photos of New West restaurant food on social media (i.e. Longtail etc.). I think the city has developed a lot over the last couple of years and numerous delicious places are starting to pop up where rent is more affordable.

Re-up is inside the River Market inside the New West Quay and it is nested in a cafeteria like environment. I was pleasantly surprised to see Longtail right beside Re-up. From the IG photos I've seen of Longtail, I assumed that it was a restaurant.

We ended up ordering the chicken bucket which turned out to be more like a chicken platter. It came with a whole chicken and also four biscuits which was perfect for the four of us.

We also got soda, lemon tea and ginger beer and the cashier was taking a long time to give us our drinks. I realized it was because he was mixing them up from scratch which made me feel like the money was worth it. The ginger beer (which is something I always go for) was  delicious with a bit of a spicy kick which was perfect.

The fried chicken was crispy and very very moist. It was extremely hot  to the point I thought burnt my mouth. The chicken skin wasn't as crispy as I wanted them to be so I was slightly let down by that. The winner of this chicken bucket was the biscuits. They were so so soft, buttery and just amazing. The coleslaw was a great addition to this combination because it was fresh with a bit of a crunch.

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at Re-up and I would definitely come back for it but more so for the biscuits than the fried chickens.

Re-Up BBQ Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato 

 I will be checking out a couple of other fried chicken places in Vancouver to let you guys know where I think is the best! I may be biased because I am Korean and I love Korean fried chicken.. but I'll try my best not to!



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