Sunday, 3 November 2013

Meat & Bread and Autumn in Vancouver

Just before Halloween, I finally took the time to head off to Gastown to drop by Meat & Bread.  This visit was highly anticipated because I came down about a month ago with my friends just to eat their sandwich and they were closed. It was a big disappointment for us but hurray for finally making it this time around! I've heard so many good things about this place, I was really excited.  You can visit their website by pressing here

The menu

The place was packed when we walked in, almost to the point where we didn't have a spot to stand. We thought we would have to take the sandwiches to go but the tables surprisingly cleared up quickly. 

What I really liked about their menu was its simplicity.  You have 4 choices to choose from. I've heard amazing reviews about 'the' porchetta sandwich so I ordered that one without any hesitation.

hello there, sir

Meat & Bread's sauces

The famous porchetta sandwich

I had such high expectations but unfortunately, the sandwich was slightly disappointing.  My friend Gianni said that they didn't give me much meat compared to the amount she received during her last visit.

The meat was tender, the pork crackling was a pleasant surprise and the bread was crunchy.  It was unique and a great combination overall but I wasn't blown away by it.  The porchetta came with mustard sauce which did go well with the sandwich. I tried the sambal sauce and as a girl who enjoys spicy sauces, I would change the sandwich + sauce combination for next time around.

I also ordered a orange soda to go with it which I regretted after a sip. It tasted like diluted orange juice.  I should've gone with the cherry coke. 

The meat ball sandwich

My friend Gianni ordered the meat ball sandwich and this fellow seemed extremely meaty (duh).  I'd say it is definitely worth the money.  Since it is quite big, you have to be ready get your hands dirty and dig in there.  Or you could get a knife and a fork and eat it elegantly, I suppose....

This is probably what I am going to order next time and I am already prepared to get my hands dirty. Bring it on, meat ball.

Side view of the monstrous meat ball sandwich

Daily special on this day was the spiced lamb

The lamb had mixed comments from my friends. One said it was a little dry and the other enjoyed it very much....If I do try it next time, I'll make sure to update the post.

I also got the chicken broth soup for $4 and it was a healthy vegetable soup.  I personally would've preferred a little more salt, but it was a basically a hearty soup.

Meat & Bread has 2 locations: on Cambie St. and Pender St. The one on Pender is closed on weekends so check out the Cambie one if you're out and about on a Saturday.  The Cambie one closes on Sundays and this might be why my friends and I were faced with feelings of rejection and disappointment during our first visit.  I think Meat & Bread is a great place to come for a quick bite to savor the sandwich that is assembled right in front of your eyes. You also get the communal table experience and you usually end up having an amiable conversation with a random stranger sitting beside you.


 Interior decorations

Meat & Bread on Urbanspoon

As I mentioned in my previous post, Vancouver is gorgeous during autumn when the leaves change its colours.   I think it's important to capture the moment and treasure it so I try to go out when the new season arrives and take photos as much as I can.  I want to eventually purchase a DSLR but I would like to learn how to use my camera on manual mode before I do so. Yes, I only shoot it on auto mode at the moment.  I am a camera noob :(

My friend Erica and I decided to go take some photos after class one day.  It was extremely foggy on this day so the photos came out a little spooky and somewhat mysterious.

I am the biggest poser. Trying to be nonchalant and all :P

Anyway, we get an extra hour of sleep tonight. I will be hitting up Oakwood for brunch tomorrow so watch out for that post!





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