Monday, 30 January 2012

Dine out at Brix

I looked at this year's Dineout menu and one place I really wanted to try was Brix in Yaletown.  I also wanted to go to The Refinery but it was booked on the night we were planning to go.

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Brix is a restaurant/ wine bar with modern cuisine using local ingredients.  It's located in a 1912 Heritage building in Yaletown.

  When we got there, it said at the front "Please come through the curtains".  At first we were super confused but when we open the curtains, it led us into the courtyard. The courtyard seemed like a place out of a fairytale with candles everywhere!  It's a perfect place to take your loved ones.

You can sit inside or outside.  The courtyard has a roof and a lot of heaters so you don't have to worry about getting cold.

There were two choices on the dineout menu.

Menu A and Menu B.

Menu A was $38 and menu B was $48.

We decided to get Menu A. 
We all got prosciutto wrapped scallops, barbeque duck fried risotto, scallions, crisp garlic and shallot for appetizer, and my friends both got 5 oz Alberta beef tenderloin, pomme puree, olive oil poached asparagus and I got mushroom risotto for main. 
For dessert, it came with Vanilla bean panna cotta with fresh fruit coulis. 

Change the camera settings because it was too yellow..

 The bread came out first and oh my goodness!!!!  I think the bread at Brix was one of the best restaurant breads I've ever had.  Moist and soft. 

Olivia ordered a glass of riesling.  It was $9.

Our appetizer.
The lighting was quite dim . :(

The scallop was cooked well and the crunchy prosciutto wrapped on the outside perfected this dish.  The risotto had a hint of spice in it which was quite nice.


The steak was cooked well but according to my friends, nothing too amazing about the main.

Mushroom Risotto.

It doesn't look very appetizing on the photo but flavour wise, it was good.  Unfortunately, the rice wasn't cooked evenly and it was too cheesy for me so I couldn't finish it.  I wish they gave me half of this and half of something else. 

Our dineout menu originally came with vanilla panna cotta.  I love panna cottas.  I tried it for the first time on my first night in London and I couldn't figure out what it was.  The texture was a jello-like cheesecake but it didn't taste like one..Later I figured out that it was made with cream, milk sugar and gelatin.  I think I am going to try making it sometime.

 Erica didn't like the panna cotta very much so she only had a couple of bites.  Our waiter saw that she didn't eat much of the dessert so he decided to bring out another dessert for her to try.

Great service!  He was so kind.  

 This was a toffee cake made with maple and figs with toffee sauce.  It was warm and it tasted delicious with the ice cream.   (warm cake/pie with ice cream is always a great combination) I liked how it wasn't chocolate because that's probably what I would have expected this to be. 

 Erica really liked this dessert and we left the restaurant smiling.

I was mesmerized by the romantic ambiance at Brix and I felt as if I stepped into a restaurant in a different city.  It also seemed like a perfect place for events, wedding rehersals or engagement parties.

The Dineout menu wasn't that great but I would love to come back and try their regular menu.  To check out their menu, visit

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