Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Guu Kobachi

It is quite sad to think that Toratatsu on Denman no longer exists. :(
  I loved their tuna+avocado bread spread, cheese tofu and some of their rolls. 

Fortunately, a new Guu opened on the same location and I was very very pleased with my first visit.

The place is super bright compared to what it was like at Toratatsu.  We went around 7 o'clock but not a lot of people
were there...:s  I don't think a lot of people know about this guu yet. 

At Guu kobachi, they have a special menu that changes every day depending on what they get.

We ordered a pitcher of sapporo to share amongst 5 people

MMMMM cold sapporooo

cold served stir fried veggies was on the house

Chicken Karaage with salad on the bottom.

 It was topped off with a tangy sauce.  (I think it's made of onion)

  This sauce is completely different from other Guus!!!!!! Other Guus (such as Guu garlic) has a lot of garlic flavour in their dishes but dishes at Kobachi didn't have any garlic.
 I absolutely loved loved this tangy sauce and didn't have to worry about my breath smelling like garlic for hours XD  The karaage was also crispy and delicious.

Pork on skewer

Marinated, fatty, juicy pork.
One order came with 4 pieces and tangy sauce on the top

Sister ebimayo

I am not quite sure why it's called sister ebimayo... but this dish.. was splendid!! It's ebimayo deep fried with stringy potatoes.  I think this is an amazing idea!

What can go wrong with deep fried batter and potatoes with shrimp inside?

please excuse my dirty dish

Deep fried dried squid

We ordered this without knowing that it was dried squid.  Great food to nibble on with beer but definitely not for dinner.

Tuna+ avocado

Tuna and avocado is always a great combination.  The sauce that it was marinated in was perfect with the combo.


I can't recall the name of this udon but it had beef in it.. (sorry that's all I remember).  It was oily... and pretty standard.

"Guuing may be addictive"....
I think they are being completely honest.

Guu Kobachi is definitely going to be my favourite for a while.  The runner up is probably Guu on Robson.  I think it has a great atmosphere, different from other Guus, great food with unique ideas, and great service.

I am still going to miss Toratatsu's tuna and avocado spread... but Guu Kobachi is totally wroth the replacement and I am excited to see what they can do with their menu.

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After guu, we went to a Korean restaurant called "Chung dam ahn".
This dish is seafood dduk bo ki (spicy rice cake)

5+1 girls totally pigged out this night but we are not regretting it.


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