Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Sausages!! -Wurstküche, Los Angeles

Before I left to Los Angeles, I did some research on some of the unique restaurants that I might want to drop by.  Wurstküche was one of them and the other one was a macaron shop called "Lette" in Beverly Hills.  Unfortunately, I couldn't make it to Lette but I made it to Wurstküche.

"We're young; let's have fun with encased meat," says Joseph Pitruzzelli, the 27-year-old co-owner of Wurstkuche, downtown L.A.

Wurstküche is inspired by German sausages and it serves Belgian fries, 24 imported beers on tap and exotic grilled sausages.  It's located in downtown LA and they are opening one in Venice beach.

The entrance

I loved the red brick walls and it was like this inside as well...  The walls actually reminded me of restaurants in Crosstown! (i.e. Cafe Medina)

When I first walked in, the place seemed tiny with only 5 chairs.. a display of sausages, cashier counter and a couple of grills behind

Unique sausage i.e. #1 Alligator & Pork, Smoked Andouille 

Other unique choices include rattle snake, veal, buffalo, rabbit etc.

The classic ones cost 5.75, gourmet 6.5 and exotic 7.5.  We all ordered one of the exotic ones.

I ordered the strawberry soda.  Stephen ordered Ginger beer.  

When you order, they give you a number.. there is a narrow hallway on the right side of the grill and this leads to the dining room.  If you take a seat, a server will bring the food out to you.

Alligator with sweet peppers and Belgian fries

The fries were crispy and delicious and it came with tzatziki and ketchup.


Jae really really liked the alligator sandwich.  We were trash-talking about Jappadog and how over priced it was compared to these!!! I guess Jappadog is unique but I personally don't think it's worth the price.

I got the rabbit, veal with spicy peppers. I think it would've tasted better if the peppers were actually spicy! but other than that, I loved it and wanted another one.

My sausage seems smaller for some reason.... Anyways

I absolutely loved this place!! If I lived in LA, I think I would try everything on their menu.  It is definitely a great place to come with your friends to grab a drink and chill.  If you visit LA, please please visit Wurstküche!!!


I am currently editing this post a month after my trip and I am drooling right now... ugh!!! It's such a bad idea to look at food pictures at 12:11 am...


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