Sunday 24 February 2013

Snow & Donuts

 I try to make the best out of my weekends to explore the city so every weekend I've been visiting museums, finding famous dining locations and going to festivals.  I mean.. might as well right?  I am only here for 3 months. 

This weekend, my friend and I decided to find this popular donut shop near St. Henri station.  When we got off at the station, the area seemed really sketch and deserted.  I think the snow kind of made the experience though.  With the old buildings and trees everywhere, it looked like a scene from a movie. 

I did bring a scarf with me but it got too warm so I took it off.  It looks super cold but surprisingly, it wasn't too cold on this day.   I am so glad I got this jacket before I came to Montreal.  It's from TNA but I found it at a consignment store on Main St. for half price off.   I got my snowboots on my first day here in Montreal because my toes were dying from the -40 weather. I seriously thought I lost them. I miss wearing my suede heels and flats... but I have a feeling that it's going to be snowing till the end of March.

After about 10 minutes of walk from the station and playing in the snow, we found the donut place called Léché Desserts.  

The interior.  You can see people making desserts right in front of your eyes.  

My donuts- Lemon meringue and Bailey's

 lemon meringue, bailey's, (left); pistachio, milk chocolate mousse (right)

Oh my goodness.  That's all I can say about the donuts.  I love lemon meringue pies and unfortunately, the donut wasn't as good as I hoped but the bailey's was heavenly.  I could have one any time of the day.  (more than one I'd say)  They have flavours such as white chocolate mousse, pistachio, cinnamon sugar, lime coconut, milk chocolate mousse, maple glazed, jelly filled, boston cream, PB&J, Lemon meringue, apple crumble and pecan caramel.

You're definitely going to get your fingers dirty while eating these so be prepared with a lot of napkins.   I think we paid $11.99 for 4 of them which I think is pricy for donuts.  It reminded me of how I paid $27 for a dozen of donuts at Cartems in Vancouver.

Afterwards, I played in the snow a little more.  I tried making a snow angel and I guess I didn't move my legs around enough so it just looked like an outline of a dead person on the ground and I managed to get myself soaked.  It was still worth it... hahah I don't think I've ever tried making a snow angel before.

We went back to centre ville right after getting the donuts but on our way back to the station, I saw this grungy wall and had to take a photo with it.  It seemed like things are all closed around the St. Henri area.  I would be super sketched out if I had to walk the streets by myself at night.  

Next stop was the architecture museum.  If you're a student, bring your student card with you and you can visit the museum for free. The museum is quite small but it provides a lot of history on the city's architecture.

Afterwards, I was tired and worn out and all I wanted was a proper meal.  I've been wanting to go to Kazu for awhile and I always see people lined up in front of Kazu o so we went 10 minutes after the doors opened.  The restaurant was PACKED and had a lot of people lined up outside already.  SIGH.  We gave up on going to Kazu and went to grab all you can eat BBQ because I needed my dose of asian food.  KAZU you are definitely on my list now!!! I guess I have to go at like 5:00 and line up so I can enter right at 5:30.  

My friend Adriana is coming to visit me in 2 weeks and I can't wait for her to be here!! We're meeting up in Toronto and coming back to Montreal, and then going to NYC.  Let's hope that it will be warmer by then!

XO Rei 

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